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Are Las Vegas Late Room Hotel Deals For Real?

So what about Las Vegas Late Room Deals online?  Are these crazy Eddie type “we’re just gonna give it to you” late room specials and discount hotel deals for real?  Just what everyone travelling to Vegas really wants to know.  You see these deals cropping up on hotel booking sites that seem to be too good to be true.  And you are reminded of what you learned the hard way many times, “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”.  So how about we take a look at that and see if these deals are real or if we should stick to the motto and pass them by?

Exceptions to Every Rule

The key word is probably.  Most of the time if it seems too good to be true, it is indeed too good to be true.  But there are exceptions to every rule, right?  Las Vegas Hotel Deals are abundant, especially late hotel.  Here’s why (for those of you that have not yet been to Vegas).  Hotels in Vegas are generally low profit centers (the lodging component) and occasionally they even operate at a loss on their hotel booking operations (distinct from their slots, amenities, and casino revenue). Hotels in Vegas literally “give away” their rooms sometimes at $14 to $19 per night plus tax, which doesn’t even cover the cost of their marketing and sale commissions to their travel agents or inventory partners.

Las Vegas Late Room Deals are Abundant Online

Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and Hotels with large modern Casinos and extravagant shows are the most likely to provide these late room deals of a lifetime.  It’s not much different than a cruise ship.  Just prior to the departure date you’ll find incredible fire sales and sell off sales if you know where to look.  Casino hotels have everything to gain and nothing to lose when they offer you a really cheap late room deal that gets you into their hotel and casino. has informally observed (no modeling just our opinion) that the average price of a Las Vegas 3 to 4 Star Hotel Room during non-peak season (and not during packed convention weeks) is approximately $59 to $99 per night.  When you include the late room factor it’s not uncommon to see these same rooms being given away at prices in the teens, on special deals and late room discounts.  A couple sites that specialize in Late Hotel and Late Hotel discounts are and  These hotel booking websites offer great last minute hotel booking specials, special promo deals right from the hotels and hotel chains, and seasonal promotions that get new visitors to Las Vegas during periods of weak demand and excess supply of rooms close to their expiration date.

So If You Haven’t Been to Las Vegas

Anyone that hasn’t been to Las Vegas and is thinking about going can benefit from these late room deals.  It’s always best if you are flexible on your travel dates.  Especially in Las Vegas Hotels where just one or two particular dates might represent a fully booked hotel due to a convention in the hotel or nearby hotel.  If you’re going for more than a couple of days you’ll want to adjust your dates to keep the late room specials and special promo deals in your window.  Yes, it is possible to book a room in Vegas for $20 bucks or so a night, for several nights, if you do a little research and stay flexible on your travel dates. 

Get a Steal on a Hotel Room in Las Vegas

The hotels know that while you might get a steal on a hotel room, you’ll be like most of their occupants and spend an average of $100 a person, per day, or more in the hotel itself on food, shows, shopping, gambling, and other amenities.  That’s what they’re after, and if you book a room wisely by booking an early room or booking a late room, and stick to a preset spending budget on your trip, you’ll get a great Las Vegas vacation at a real budget price.  They’ll make up for it later as you’ll be sure to go back again and again once you have seen the great city of Las Vegas and experienced its energy, cuisine, entertainment, hospitality, and opulence.

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