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Hotelligent Technology

Hotelligent website properties are served by highly available, scalable, and redundant world-class hardware and software deployment architecture.  Without getting too technical, we start at the Internet servers that deploy the responsive design Hotelligent websites on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. These web servers utilize state-of-the-art dual Xeon E5520 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processors with 12GB or more of RAM (blazing fast servers with a lot of capacity) for exceptionally fast hotel booking site delivery speed and booking execution.  It’s all connected to World Class Tier 1 Data Center with 10 fully redundant carrier-class connections direct to the Internet backbone (it’s always available). 

We then minimize (smaller is faster) and cache (store) the most frequently accessed static images, content, and scripts on a network of 100’s of cloud-based servers located on the Internet at 23 geostrategic locations throughout the world in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Japan. We minimize the distance from you to our Hotel Booking servers. We also minimize the number of servers your computer or device connection has to touch to reach our dynamic content through servers located all over the world. Our smart technology automatically routes your website request to the server located closest to you so that latency and server routing paths (time-consuming server hops) are minimized. Simply put, its next-generation hotel booking architecture that provides screaming fast PC, tablet, and mobile hotel booking. 

Anywhere, Anytime Hotel Booking

Even our mobile sites provide a faster hotel image rendering and booking execution without a mobile booking application download or use of a mobile booking app.  Hotelligent websites are built with a responsive design that allows any time anywhere access and then optimizes the content delivery from any device; PC’s, tablets, and smartphones. 

We automatically detect the size of the device screen and browser that a user is accessing our hotel content from, and then we deliver the hotel content in a manner that optimizes the performance of that particular device size and type. Essentially we match the needs of your technology platform and capabilities to ours, and then we deliver content to it optimally to reduce load time and processing requirements. The benefit to you as the user is that your experience is a fast, consistent, and reliable hotel booking experience with no special applications or challenges booking with a tablet or smartphone.

Our websites are always there with gold medal highly available 99.999% uptime. You don’t need to download a travel booking application or hotel booking app to reach them, and the exceptional performance is absolutely second to none in the travel and hotel booking industry.

Don’t Just Take our Word, See for Yourself

Sure, a lot of travel booking websites and hotel booking apps claim “Fast and Easy Booking”; but how do you really know if these claims are true?  Check out the blazing delivery speed of Hotelligent’s websites here. You’ll find that our average site speed is rated by GTMetrix at:

  • Hotelligent rates approximately 95% (A) on Page Speed Grade and 95% (A) on Y-Slow Grade.


It just doesn’t get much faster than that! Compare our website speed to the speed of other Hotel Booking Sites and you’ll be astonished to find out that we beat the most recognized hotel booking sites in the world.  For example:

  • rates approximately 64% (D) on Page Speed Grade and 94% (A) on Y-Slow Grade.
  • rates approximately 86% (B) on Page Speed Grade and 67% (D) on Y-Slow Grade.
  • rates approximately 90% (A) on Page Speed Grade and 76% (C) on Y-Slow Grade
  • rates approximately 83% (B) on Page Speed Grade and 60% (D) on Y-Slow Grade
  • rates approximately 86% (B) on Page Speed Grade and 81% (B) on Y-Slow Grade


How to Run a Hotel Booking Website Comparison Test

You can quickly and easily determine the speed of a Hotelligent site versus the speed of any other hotel booking site. After you have run a speed test for a specific hotel booking site, click on the link "Compare to another URL".  It’s located at the top left side of the speed test site. A dialogue box will come up to allow you to enter the next hotel booking site that you would like to test and compare against our site.  Once complete, you’ll be provided with side-by-side comparison results of the two hotel booking websites. If you want to compare even more hotel booking websites just use the "Add another URL" link and you will be able to compare the speed of up to four different hotel booking websites.  All additional sites will be compared to the initial Hotelligent hotel booking website that you tested.

Hotelligent Hotel Booking Sites are Twice as Fast

Depending upon where you are in the world you’ll see blazing-fast mobile booking site delivery results scoring 94 of 100 and higher for both Page Speed and Y-Slow Grades.  On average Hotelligent hotel booking sites load and perform twice as fast as other websites claiming to have "fast hotel booking" and "quick hotel booking" capability. Compare us to your favorite legacy hotel booking website.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a website that even comes close to the speed and performance of Hotelligent’s websites.  And ease of use?  It’s so simple! Just give it a try and you’ll quickly make Hotelligent your favorite hotel booking websites for booking hotel reservations, cars, airline tickets, holiday breaks, and vacation packages online!

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